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The SPIDER is the perfect solution for separating glued panes of vehicle glass without any damage. Not only does it do away with cutting blades but also does it without a metal wire.

A highly tear-proof cord from a plastic fibre mesh serves to cut through the adhesive beading. This achieves a similar cutting performance to a cutting wire made from metal. But it’s so soft and flexible that damage to the paintwork or sensitive interior surfaces can be completely ruled out. The cutting cord can also be used multiple times, and can be used on average to separate 4-5 windscreens.

Thanks to the sophisticated and patent-protected construction the separation of a windscreen is easier and safer with this small and handy device than with all other methods.

The housing of the SPIDER 002S consists of fibre-reinforced polyamide. Thus the tool is not only durable and stable, but with a net weight of just 500 g is also light to handle. Competing products are often made from (substantially heavier) metal and if the tool is accidentally released can cause damage to the interior of the vehicle.

The head section is shaped so that the pulley runs at the ideal distance to the pane (below the upper edge of the vacuum cup, as close as possible to the pane). In this way the separating cord is fed so that damage of trim parts in the interior is effectively avoided. This important construction characteristic is also part of the European Patent, which was granted to the SPIDER in 2014.

On the front end the head section is only 15 mm thick. At the highest point the tool measures just 52 mm for ventilated vacuum cup (or just 45 mm with evacuated vacuum cup). Thus the SPIDER is extremely handy and really extremely versatile. Thanks to its compact dimensions the SPIDER can, e.g. with windscreen panes with a very flat angle of installation, be placed closer to the bottom adhesive bead than competing products.

A The alignment edge labelled ”LINER” on the housing simplifies correct positioning of the tool. When correctly positioned on the windscreen the hexagonal drive of the spindle is therefore reachable with the cordless screwdriver without any problems. For strongly curved rear or small side panes a flexible extension is included with the separation system.
B The separating cord does not touch the housing between pulley and spindle at any point. This avoids unnecessary wear by friction and improves the efficiency of the tool.
C In order to not overload the separating cord, and not to damage the housing, a stop marking is printed in the area of the pulley.

The spindle is integrated in the housing so that the SPIDER 002S can be operated with any commercially available cordless screwdriver* (using the bit holder supplied). To separate windscreen panes no extension, no gears or other adapters are needed. For strongly curved rear or small side panes a flexible extension is included with the separation system.
* please note the technical data and the safety instructions in the operating instructions

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  • Tuotenumero: WSP-003K
  • Ovh: 850€

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  • 1 Cutting tool SPIDER
  • 1 Cutting line threader
  • 1 Dash protector
  • 1 Bit holder
  • 1 Cutting line install tool
  • 1 Spider cutting line P8

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